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Andheo @ AIAA AVIATION Forum, Chicago

The AIAA AVIATION Forum covers the entire integrated spectrum of aviation business, research, development, and technology. Held each year in the USA, the program features discussions regarding global aviation policy, research and development, technological proliferation, environmental issues, and emerging markets.

For the 2022 session in Chicago, Andheo submitted two scientific papers to present part of the work performed in the framework of MUSIC-haic european research project (read our previous post about this on-going project). The papers are co-signed with ONERA, the French Aerospace Lab, and the NRC, the National Research Council of Canada and entitled:

Ice crystal trajectory simulations in the ICE-MACR compressor rig: fragmentation and melting dynamics, AIAA 2022-3535,
Ice accretion modelling in the ICE-MACR compressor rig, AIAA 2022-3536,

In these papers, numerical simulations of ice crystal trajectories within an experimental single stage compressor test rig are described and analyzed. ONERA's CEDRE multisolver simulation platform has been used. Models for ice crystal fragmentation at impact, erosion and porosity recently developed in the framework of the MUSIC-haic project are used and assessed. First, ice crystal trajectories and the associated fragmentation dynamics within the compressor stage are investigated for different rotor speeds. In a second step, three experimental operating points with wet bulb temperatures raising from negative to positive values and respectively exhibiting no, significant and moderate melting, are simulated. Melting along the test bed is calculated as well as, finally, accretion of ice on the walls of the test article.

The comparison of simulation results with experiments shows a good agreement in terms of occurrence, location and surfacic extension of accretion phenomena.

Dr. Tristan Soubrié, Andheo's director and first author of the papers, travelled to Chicago to present the work in front of a panel of specialists in icing phenomenon coming from all over the world.

The MUSIC-haic project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under agreement No 767560.

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